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'** '** For correspondence or non support questions contact: - '** info@webwizguide.com '** '** or at: - '** '** Web Wiz Guide, PO Box 4982, Bournemouth, BH8 8XP, United Kingdom '** '**************************************************************************************** 'Set the response buffer to true as we maybe redirecting Response.Buffer = True 'Dimension variables Dim rsForum 'Holds the Recordset for the forum details Dim rsTopicDetails 'Holds the Recordset for the Topic Count Dim rsTopic 'Holds the Recordset for the Topic details Dim intForumID 'Holds the forum ID number Dim strForumName 'Holds the forum name Dim lngNumberOfReplies 'Holds the number of replies for a topic Dim lngTopicID 'Holds the topic ID Dim strSubject 'Holds the topic subject Dim strTopicStartUsername 'Holds the username of the user who started the topic Dim lngTopicStartUserID 'Holds the users Id number for the user who started the topic Dim lngNumberOfViews 'Holds the number of views a topic has had Dim lngLastEntryMessageID 'Holds the message ID of the last entry Dim strLastEntryUsername 'Holds the username of the last person to post a message in a topic Dim lngLastEntryUserID 'Holds the user's ID number of the last person to post a meassge in a topic Dim dtmLastEntryDate 'Holds the date the last person made a post in the topic Dim intRecordPositionPageNum 'Holds the recorset page number to show the topics for Dim intTotalNumOfPages 'Holds the total number of pages in the recordset Dim intRecordLoopCounter 'Holds the loop counter numeber Dim intTopicPageLoopCounter 'Holds the number of pages there are in the forum Dim intLinkPageNum 'Holss the page number to link to Dim intShowTopicsFrom 'Holds when to show the topics from Dim strShowTopicsFrom 'Holds the display text from when the topics are shown from Dim blnForumLocked 'Set to true if the forum is locked Dim blnTopicLocked 'set to true if the topic is locked Dim intPriority 'Holds the priority level of the topic Dim intNumberOfTopicPages 'Holds the number of topic pages Dim intTopicPagesLoopCounter 'Holds the number of loops 'Read in the Forum ID to display the Topics for intForumID = CInt(Request.QueryString("ForumID")) 'If there is no Forum ID to display the Topics for then redirect the user to the main forum page If intForumID = 0 Then Response.Redirect "default.html" 'If this is the first time the page is displayed then the Forum Topic record position is set to page 1 If Request.QueryString("PagePosition") = "" OR Request.QueryString("PagePosition") = 0 Then intRecordPositionPageNum = 1 'Else the page has been displayed before so the Forum Topic record postion is set to the Record Position number Else intRecordPositionPageNum = CInt(Request.QueryString("PagePosition")) End If 'Create a recordset to get the forum details Set rsForum = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'Read in the forum name from the database 'Initalise the strSQL variable with an SQL statement to query the database If strDatabaseType = "SQLServer" Then strSQL = "EXECUTE wwfSpForumsAllWhereForumIs @intForumID = " & intForumID Else strSQL = "SELECT tblForum.Forum_name, tblForum.Password, tblForum.Forum_code, tblForum.Locked FROM tblForum WHERE Forum_ID = " & intForumID & ";" End If 'Query the database rsForum.Open strSQL, strCon 'If there is a record returned by the recordset then check to see if you need a password to enter it If NOT rsForum.EOF Then 'Read in forum details from the database strForumName = rsForum("Forum_name") 'Read in wether the forum is locked or not blnForumLocked = CBool(rsForum("Locked")) 'If the forum requires a password and a logged in forum code is not found on the users machine then send them to a login page If NOT rsForum("Password") = "" and NOT Request.Cookies("PrForum")("Forum" & intForumID) = rsForum("Forum_code") Then 'Reset Server Objects Set adoCon = Nothing Set strCon = Nothing Set rsForum = Nothing 'Redirect to a page asking for the user to enter the forum password Response.Redirect "forum_password_form.html?ReturnPage=Topic&ForumID=" & intForumID End If End If 'If the forum level for the user on this forum is 2 (read only) set the forum to be locked If (intMemberSecurityLevel = 2 AND blnModerator = False AND NOT lngLoggedInUserID = 1) AND (lngLoggedInUserID > 0) Then blnForumLocked = True 'Get what date to show topics till from cookie If NOT Request.Cookies("show") = "" Then intShowTopicsFrom = CInt(Request.Cookies("show")) Else intShowTopicsFrom = 31 End If 'Initialse the string to display when the topics are show up till Select Case intShowTopicsFrom Case 0 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtFewYears case 7 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtWeek case 14 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtTwoWeeks Case 31 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtMonth Case 62 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtTwoMonths Case 182 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtSixMonths Case 365 strShowTopicsFrom = strTxtYear End Select %> E-tester | foroak: <% = strForumName %>
<% = strTxtWelcome & " " & strLoggedInUsername %> <% 'If the user has logged in then the Logged In User ID number will not be 0 and not 2 for the guest account If NOT lngLoggedInUserID = 0 AND NOT lngLoggedInUserID = 2 Then 'Dispaly a " & strTxtWelcome & " message to the user in the top bar Response.Write vbCrLf & "PROFILA EDTITATU | IRTEN |" 'Else the user is not logged Else 'Display a " & strTxtWelcome & " guset message with the option to login or register Response.Write vbCrLf & "ERREGISTRATU | SARTU |" End If %> BILATU | KIDEAK
<% = strTxtAllForums %>  | <% 'Check there are forum's to display If rsForum.EOF Then 'If there are no forum's to display then display the appropriate error message Response.Write vbCrLf & "" & strTxtNoForums & "" 'Else there the are forum's to write the HTML to display it the forum names and a discription Else 'Write the HTML of the forum descriptions as hyperlinks to the forums Response.Write vbCrLf & ("" & strForumName & "") 'If the forum is locked show a locked pad lock icon If blnForumLocked = True Then Response.Write (" ( " & strTxtForumLocked & ")") End If Response.Write ("
") End If %>
<% = strTxtShowTopics %>
<% 'Get the Topics for the forum from the database 'Create a record set object to the Topics held in the database Set rsTopicDetails = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'Initalise the strSQL variable with an SQL statement to query the database to count the number of Topics for each Forum 'Run Stored procedures for SQL Server If strDatabaseType = "SQLServer" Then If intShowTopicsFrom = 0 Then strSQL = "EXECUTE wwfSpTopicDetialsAll @intForumID = " & intForumID Else strSQL = "EXECUTE wwfSpTopicDetialsInTheLastXX @intForumID = " & intForumID & ", @intShowTopicsFrom = " & intShowTopicsFrom End If 'Run SQL for Access Else strSQL = "SELECT tblTopic.Topic_ID, tblTopic.No_of_views, tblTopic.Subject, tblTopic.Locked, tblTopic.Priority " strSQL = strSQL & "FROM tblTopic " 'Choose a where string for the query If intShowTopicsFrom = 0 Then strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE (tblTopic.Forum_ID = " & intForumID & ") OR (tblTopic.Priority = 3)" Else strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE ((tblTopic.Forum_ID = " & intForumID & ") AND ((tblTopic.Last_entry_date > Now() - " & intShowTopicsFrom & ") OR (tblTopic.Priority > 0))) OR (tblTopic.Priority = 3) " End If strSQL = strSQL & "ORDER BY tblTopic.Priority DESC, tblTopic.Last_entry_date DESC;" End If 'Set the cursor type property of the record set to dynamic so we can naviagate through the record set rsTopicDetails.CursorType = 1 'Query the database rsTopicDetails.Open strSQL, strCon 'Set the number of records to display on each page rsTopicDetails.PageSize = intTopicPerPage 'Check there are Topic's to display If rsTopicDetails.EOF Then 'If there are no Topic's to display then display the appropriate error message Response.Write vbCrLf & "" 'Else there the are topic's so write the HTML to display the topic names and a discription Else 'Get the record poistion to display from rsTopicDetails.AbsolutePage = intRecordPositionPageNum 'If there are no records on this page and it's above the frist page then set the page position to 1 If rsTopicDetails.EOF AND intRecordPositionPageNum > 1 Then rsTopicDetails.AbsolutePage = 1 'Count the number of pages there are in the recordset calculated by the PageSize attribute set above intTotalNumOfPages = rsTopicDetails.PageCount 'Craete a Recodset object for the topic details Set rsTopic = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'Loop round to read in all the Topics in the database For intRecordLoopCounter = 1 to intTopicPerPage 'If there are no records left in the recordset to display then exit the for loop If rsTopicDetails.EOF Then Exit For 'Read in Topic details from the database lngTopicID = CLng(rsTopicDetails("Topic_ID")) lngNumberOfViews = CLng(rsTopicDetails("No_of_views")) strSubject = rsTopicDetails("Subject") blnTopicLocked = CBool(rsTopicDetails("Locked")) intPriority = CInt(rsTopicDetails("Priority")) 'Initalise the strSQL variable with an SQL statement to query the database to get the Author and subject from the database for the topic If strDatabaseType = "SQLServer" Then strSQL = "EXECUTE wwfSpLastAndFirstThreadAuthor @lngTopicID = " & lngTopicID Else strSQL = "SELECT tblThread.Thread_ID, tblThread.Author_ID, tblThread.Message_date, tblAuthor.Username " strSQL = strSQL & "FROM tblAuthor INNER JOIN tblThread ON tblAuthor.Author_ID = tblThread.Author_ID " strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE tblThread.Topic_ID = " & lngTopicID & " " strSQL = strSQL & "ORDER BY tblThread.Message_date ASC;" End If 'Set the cursor type property of the record set to forward only so we can navigate through the record set rsTopic.CursorType = 1 'Query the database rsTopic.Open strSQL, strCon 'If there is info in the database relating to the topic then get them from the record set If NOT rsTopic.EOF Then 'Read in the subject and author and number of replies from the record set strTopicStartUsername = rsTopic("Username") lngTopicStartUserID = CLng(rsTopic("Author_ID")) lngNumberOfReplies = CLng((rsTopic.RecordCount) - 1) 'Move to the last record in the record set to get the date and username of the last entry rsTopic.MoveLast 'Read in the username and date of the last entry from the record set lngLastEntryMessageID = CLng(rsTopic("Thread_ID")) strLastEntryUsername = rsTopic("Username") lngLastEntryUserID = CLng(rsTopic("Author_ID")) dtmLastEntryDate = CDate(rsTopic("Message_date")) End If 'Write the HTML of the Topic descriptions as hyperlinks to the Topic details and message %> <% 'Close the topic recordset rsTopic.Close 'Move to the next database record rsTopicDetails.MoveNext Next End If 'Release server objects Set rsTopic = Nothing rsTopicDetails.Close Set rsTopicDetails = Nothing rsForum.Close Set rsForum = Nothing %>
  <% = strTxtTopics %> <% = strTxtThreadStarter %> <% = strTxtReplies %> <% = strTxtViews %> <% = strTxtLastPost %>
" & strTxtNoTopicsToDisplay & " " & strShowTopicsFrom & "
<% 'If the topic is pinned then display the pinned icon If intPriority = 1 Then Response.Write("") 'If the topic is top priorty and locked then display top priporty locked icon ElseIf blnTopicLocked = True AND intPriority > 0 Then Response.Write("") 'If the topic is top priorty then display top priporty icon ElseIf intPriority > 0 Then Response.Write("") 'If the topic is closed display a closed topic icon ElseIf blnTopicLocked = True Then Response.Write("") 'If the topic is a hot topic and with new replies then display hot to new replies icon ElseIf (lngNumberOfReplies >= intNumHotReplies OR lngNumberOfViews >= intNumHotViews) AND (CDate(Session("dtmLastVisit")) < dtmLastEntryDate) Then Response.Write("") 'If the topic is a hot topic display hot topic icon ElseIf lngNumberOfReplies >= intNumHotReplies OR lngNumberOfViews >= intNumHotViews Then Response.Write("") 'If the topic is has new replies display new replies icon ElseIf CDate(Session("dtmLastVisit")) < dtmLastEntryDate Then Response.Write("") 'Display topic icon Else Response.Write("") End If %> <% 'If the user is the forum admin or a moderator then give let them delete the topic If (lngLoggedInUserID = 1 OR blnModerator = True) AND (intPriority <> 3 OR lngLoggedInUserID = 1) Then %> <% = strTxtDeleteTopic %> <% 'If the topic is not allow admin moderator to lock it If blnTopicLocked = True Then %> <% = strTxtUnLockTopic %>  <% Else %> <% = strTxtLockTopic %> <% End If End If %> <% = strSubject %> <% 'Calculate the number of pages for the topic and display links if there are more than 1 page intNumberOfTopicPages = ((lngNumberOfReplies + 1)\intThreadsPerPage) 'If there is a remainder from calculating the num of pages add 1 to the number of pages If ((lngNumberOfReplies + 1) Mod intThreadsPerPage) > 0 Then intNumberOfTopicPages = intNumberOfTopicPages + 1 'If there is more than 1 page for the topic display links to the other pages If intNumberOfTopicPages > 1 Then Response.Write("
") 'Loop round to display the links to the other pages For intTopicPagesLoopCounter = 1 To intNumberOfTopicPages 'If there is more than 7 pages display ... last page and exit the loop If intTopicPagesLoopCounter > 7 Then Response.Write(" ..." & intNumberOfTopicPages & "") Exit For End If 'Display the links to the other pages Response.Write(" " & intTopicPagesLoopCounter & "") Next End If %>
<% = strTopicStartUsername %> <% = lngNumberOfReplies %> <% = lngNumberOfViews %> <% Response.Write(DateFormat(dtmLastEntryDate, saryDateTimeData) & " " & strTxtAt & " " & TimeFormat(dtmLastEntryDate, saryDateTimeData)) %>
<% 'Reset Server Objects Set adoCon = Nothing Set strCon = Nothing 'If there is more than 1 page of topics then dispaly drop down list to the other topics If intTotalNumOfPages > 1 Then 'Display an image link to the last topic Response.Write vbCrLf & " " End If %>
  " & strTxtPage Response.Write vbCrLf & " " & strTxtOf & " " & intTotalNumOfPages & "