Rodriguez Foundation
Marina Griznic
Oliver Ressler
Hito Steyerl
José Carlos Mariategui
Marcus Neustetter
november 5
19:00 >> Fundación Rodriguez
20:00 >> Marina Griznic
november 6
19:00 >> Oliver Ressler
20:00 >> Hito Steyerl
november 7
19:00 >> José Carlos Mariategui
20:00 >> Marcus Neustetter
marcus neustetter (JOHANNESBOURG) | NOVEMBER 7

20:00 | Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, Areto Nagusia
marcus neustetter (JOHANNESBOURG)
reconnecting cultural systems

This presentation addresses local initiatives that are emerging out of strategies of cultural survivalism and redefinition within the redevelopment that South Africa is undergoing. A brief introduction to the context and its formal and informal networks, operational systems and perceived identity as a backdrop to contemporary cultural practices is presented through visual references, anecdotes and local examples of activity. As case study for this Marcus Neustetter presents the trinity session and its working methodologies as well as sanman’s (southern african new media art network) strategy to develop programmes to support creative uses of new technologies and build practitioners and audiences in the local context. Selective creative processes and artistic networks and products are briefly highlighted to illustrate some of the juxtapositions and alternative approaches that are being developed in South Africa, in the SADC region and in the global arena.

marcus neustetter (JOHANNESBOURG)

Informed by his South African context and his interest in the relationship of art and technology, Marcus Neustetter engages in a range of investigations on the possible local relationship of art, business and technology. As artist he has been addressing the translation of high and low tech media. As cultural entrepreneur he founded sanman (Southern African New Media Art Network) in 2000 and has been active as curator and co-ordinator of programmes developing new media art in South Africa. He has consulted on educational institutions, local and international digital art journals and platforms such as LEA and the Unesco digiarts virtual library. As joint director of The Trinity Session (with Kathryn Smith and Stephen Hobbs since 2001) they are developing cultural investigations, analysis, and survival and network strategies through a range of projects.

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