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The first phase is based on "Test" work. (2002-2003).
This phase of research and the establishment of a working structure (less visible therefore), is in short the very heart of the project and its objective is to start up a system of "TESTER nodes" (grey circles).

We define "TESTER nodes" as a meeting of observers - commissioners - collaborators, with the objective of taking the pulse of the electro-creative scene, in the search for activities "along the lines of" the "Art and Electricity" project, in other words:
"Decentralised, electric proposals of collaboration, which have an emphasis on production and diffusion, "do it yourself", "home tech", "distance work" on projects, groups, artists, bodies, addresses or sites…"
(For this purpose, we have prepared a work dossier that clearly transmits the project's objectives and intentions).

The function of these " TESTER nodes " is to provide the system with some new lines of development, new lines of transmission.
(The circle formed by the nodes can turn independently until a node fits into the ramification proposed by another node, making new dialogues possible…).

The " Commission" for these nodes is working to make the development of the system itself possible and it is directly involved with the Rodríguez circuit.

The "TESTER nodes"

Are collaborators, and from now on we shall avoid calling them "curators".
The structure of this network rests on the nodes, which serve as a reference point for any developments this network may have.
The work of a tester involves some prior observation work to help situate the place of each tester in this company.
Theirs is a creative job, not seeking arguments for their "thesis" in the work of others, but seeking to provoke work with artists through research.
The aim is to propose work, not to capture work already carried out....
The meeting of the nodes is to some extent the strengthening of the project's theoretical support. On the one hand, their work influences the reinterpretation of their role in this system, but it also influences the idea of publication that is linked to the project. Their contribution shall be a key part of the system's conceptual structure and of the project's results.
The node should promote contact between the different artists as well as contact between the artists and other nodes, establishing how these exchanges should take place.
Its activity "as part of an association" with other nodes, will make it possible for the project itself to be modified, making the system itself capable of changing and adopting multiple forms...
Thus, the most important work of the meeting of the TESTER nodes is to give the system validity, to definitively configure its temporary nature, its objectives and the way of tackling the achievement of these objectives.

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